Dame Sarah Springman with Wycombe Abbey Headmistress and Sixth Former

Pupils, staff and alumnae enjoy hearing from Wycombe Abbey Senior, Professor Dame Sarah Springman DBE

We were thrilled to welcome Professor Dame Sarah Springman as the most recent speaker for the Carrington Award Sixth Form programme. A Wycombe Abbey Senior (C128, Rubens) Sarah went on to study…


LitBit Logo

LitBit: Improving your Literary Fitness

Regularly reading and discussing poetry is one of the perks of being an English teacher and it is a real joy to see such interest from the pupils of Wycombe Abbey, many…


Wycombe Abbey girls at the WW1 trenches

Upper Five visit the Trenches

The ‘Trenches Trip’, as it is affectionately known, is a Wycombe Abbey institution, with many Seniors often saying it is one of their favourite memories of their time at School. After an…


Pupils receiving their GCSE results

Wycombe Abbey Congratulates GCSE Pupils

Wycombe Abbey girls received their GCSE grades today and we congratulate them on their excellent results which are a result of their sustained hard work and effort, as well as the support…


Wycombe Abbey girls getting their A level results with Head of Sixth Form

A Level Exam Results 2022

The Wycombe Abbey community joins our Upper Sixth Clarence girls in celebrating their A level examination results. This year 63.5% of all results were graded A* and 90.7% at A*-B. The girls…


Wycombe Abbey Virtual Art Exhibition

The Wycombe Abbey Virtual Art Exhibition 2022

We are excited to share the 2021-2022 Wycombe Abbey Virtual Art Exhibition. This exhibition spans four schools: our school here in the UK, two schools across Mainland China and one school in…


Science Week at Wycombe Abbey

A Celebration of Science

Whether a girl is an aspiring aerospace engineer, biologist or anthropologist, there are many activities and resources available to help her pursue her passions beyond the core curriculum. Our Science, Technology, Engineering…


US Higher Education Pathway at Wycombe Abbey

A Four Year Pathway into US Higher Education

This year Wycombe Abbey pupils have received multiple offers from leading universities in the US. Approximately a quarter of the year group each year apply to study in the US, often alongside…


Wycombe Abbey building

Enrichment for the UIV

One of the great things about Wycombe Abbey is that the pupils have the capacity and motivation to grapple with concepts and ideas beyond the scope of the curriculum.  This year, the…


Meet the Staff: Lauren Monteil, Head of Psychology, Coordinator of MUN and Upper School Careers Coordinator

I am delighted to join the community here at Wycombe Abbey. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming, and it really has been wonderful to meet so many friendly faces throughout the School. As…