Senior Spotlights: the Return of Dance to the Wycombe Abbey stage

Wycombe Abbey ballerina

Our Senior Spotlights dance show took place earlier this month. With lots of rehearsals, planning choreography and fun, the show was a welcome return to the Dance calendar.  The Junior girls will also get a chance to shine in their Junior Spotlights in the next few weeks.

Read a review from the School Dance Captain, Vanessa (UVI) below.

“The Upper Sixth Clarence Academy kicked off the Senior Spotlights show with enthusiasm wearing bright flapper dresses performing a burlesque dance. Girls from LV to UVI then showed off their hard work and skill in a range of ballet and tap solos and duets from RAD and ISTD exam pieces, along with Semal and Lauren’s (UVI) stylish self-choreographed street dance. The Dance Captains’ hard work and creativity shone through the spectacular and polished Senior Dance Companies pieces, which they each assembled, choreographed and led. This included Senior Tap’s beautiful contemporary IDK you yet, Senior Street’s cool and sharp Beyoncé, Senior Modern’s artistic, expressive, lyrical and classical Senior Ballet. The night ended with the spectacular Captains’ piece in high heels!”

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