Politics Lecture: Iranian Revolution

In late May, we were very excited to welcome Mr Amiri to Wycombe Abbey to talk to us about Iran, a country that few of us know much about. At the moment, the relationship between the United States of America and Iran is a relationship of tension and threats. This talk was a great opportunity for those interested in Politics to get engaged and learn more about a country that is massively misinterpreted.

We were taught about the glorious days of Iran, full of fashion inspiration, cultural appreciation and pride before the Revolution of 1979. It was truly inspiring, learning about the social and cultural changes and hence the adapting relationships between Iran and countries such as the UK, the US and China. Furthermore, these events took place during our parents’ lives and therefore it brought these issues a lot closer to home.

Mr Amiri led his presentation with photos that really could tell a thousand words. With each photo came a story of history, culture, social dynamics and consequences for a country that is now known as a ‘theocratic republic’. Everyone that attended the talk was blown away and left with the need to know more, so we highly encourage others to come along to future Politics talks as you never know what will inspire you!

Lower Sixth Co-heads of the Politics Society