Headmistress’s Lecture with Meagan Fallone

Meagan Fallone, manager of Global Strategy and Development for The Barefoot College, stood in front of the Sixth Form at Wycombe Abbey and in just over one hour was able to completely inspire us through her sheer passion and dedication to others.

Meagan introduced The Barefoot College to us and explained its work to provide an eco-friendly and socially beneficial way of bringing light into underdeveloped areas. She explained that many children and adults live with very little and inadequate light sources, resulting in eye deterioration and a lack of efficient work.

The Barefoot College aims to provide jobs and light for people in these developing countries by employing women to help produce the much-needed light sources. Groups of women volunteer to travel abroad and learn how to make lamps, which will later be sent back to homes like theirs to light up people’s lives.

Meagan spoke to us about the dramatic impact that these light sources have on their recipients and I was so inspired by her devotion to the Barefoot approach. The Barefoot College has spread across Africa, Latin American and South-East Asia providing pockets of light to the school children who pour over their books and the mothers who look after them. Meagan’s drive to light up developing countries was truly inspiring and I hope to see The Barefoot College grow into a light source for all who need it. 

Olympia, LVI