Christmas Conundrum, the Winners

During the month of December, the Wycombe Abbey Mathematics Department ran an online Christmas Quiz for school-aged children from around the world. We are pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural Conundrum Quiz.

  • First: Ed (Charterhouse)
  • Second: Colm (Hartismere School)
  • Joint third: Shreya (Headington School), Belinda (Headington School), Zena (St Mary’s Ascot) and Annika (Wycombe Abbey)

Senior Category

  • First: Rachael (Woodfood County High)
  • Second: Colm (Hartismere School)
  • Third: Amelia (St Marylebone School)

Intermediate Category

  • First: Judy (Wycombe Abbey)
  • Second: Emily (Prior’s Field School)

The Conundrum quiz is an online competition for pupils of all ages. First launched to Wycombe Abbey girls, the quiz has grown in popularity and is now available for children around the world to take part in providing enrichment and extension to their learning of mathematics.

The next competition will begin soon.

 Click here to sign up

If an account has already been made, an email detailing the next competition will be sent soon.

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