Youngest and Oldest

Wycombe Abbey’s youngest pupil, Morola, had the opportunity to meet the School’s eldest alumna earlier this term. Morola, UIII travelled with Gigi, LVI and Miss Allen to visit Hazel ‘Bunti’ Garnett-Peacham, in her home in London.

At the age of 101 Hazel is Wycombe Abbey’s eldest alumna. She was in Airlie.

Morola wrote about her experience for the Junior House Newsletter:

“I had the privilege of meeting the eldest Wycombe Abbey alumna called ‘Bunti’. She is 101 years old! The visit was breath-taking! She had many photos of Wycombe Abbey in her home; the pictures showed the lake next to LAC and how they used to go rowing there before LAC was created. They also had an outdoor swimming pool where the new boarding houses are being built. ‘Bunti’ was at Wycombe for only five terms but it is amazing how much she can remember. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I am very grateful for it.”