The Things we Leave Behind

A group of girls had the unique opportunity on Wednesday 16 November to engage with an art project called ‘The things we leave behind’ by Teresa Albor. The project uses objects abandoned by refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos to connect the rest of the world with the reality of their situation. As well as sharing items from the project, Teresa was joined by Rawa, a refugee from Eritrea, who spoke about her journey from Africa to the UK as a fifteen-year-old girl. Rawa’s story proved to be truly eye opening and thought provoking. One pupil wrote about her experience,

“I found the talk very emotional, and hearing what Rawa went through at such a young age made me more aware of the danger of what people are doing. Seeing the pair of crocs that belonged to a young child made me angry that the media and government are talking about the refugees so badly and trying to get rid of them, when they are people in need of help and protection.”