The Great Historical Bake Off

The 2016 Wycombe Abbey ‘Great Historical Bake Off’ was a huge success. The brief was simple – the cake must be of some historical relevance but beyond that it was up to the bakers’ imaginations. The entries were extremely creative and covered a wide range of historical periods.

With so many wonderful entries the judging was extremely difficult, however, a few cakes stood out on account of their attention to detail and artistic flair. Joint overall winners were Antonia, UV, for her impressive depiction of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Alexa, LVI, for her beautiful portrayal of a World War One trench covered with poppies. Runners up were Helena and Isobel, UVI for their World War One trench cake complete with a brilliant Christmas day no-mans’ land football game. Winners of the most creative category were Sonya and Emily, LV for their clever depiction of the recent EU exit vote. Runners up for most creative were Bella and Tiggy, UVI for their vivid Fire of London cake.

All of the cakes must be commended as it was clear that a tremendous amount of time and hard work had gone into the designing, baking and decorating of each and every one of them. So thank you very much to all who took part!

Iona, UVI