The Senior Production of ‘The Government Inspector’

It has been one of the highlights of the School year so far. The Senior Production of The Government Inspector will not be forgotten! With girls from UV to UVI taking part, the cast created a show that was funny and engaging.

The play follows a corrupt Mayor who leads an equally corrupt group of government officials. Very quickly, the plot thickens and it is revealed that the eponymous ‘Government Inspector’ is travelling incognito and is to inspect the mayor and his town. The characters are quick to react to this news and jump to the conclusion that a not-so-impressive clerk Khelestakov, who has gambled all his money away and is stuck with a bill at the local inn, is the inspector. The story follows Khelestakov as he takes advantage of this case of mistaken identity and cheats and swindles the inhabitants of the town out of as much money as possible.

For many of us, it was the first time we had acted together as one group and for some pupils, it was their first-ever performance. At first, we were all apprehensive as the play required a high level of subtlety and comic timing to really make aspects of it hit the perfect note. The pantomime timing was tricky in parts, but the cast did very well and the audience went away with smiles on their faces.

During rehearsals, there was a process of development where we had time to learn our parts and bring our characters to life. It now feels quite a long time since we started the whole process, but rehearsal time went by like a flash and we were suddenly backstage for our first performance. When we stepped on stage, it was a relief to find that the audience laughed at the right times and seemed to be enjoying themselves thoroughly. Characters really came into action when the lights went on and it was incredible to see how the cast came together and acted their hearts out.

But a Wycombe Abbey production is never just about the performance, it combines the whole development in front and behind the scenes; the excitement of trying on costumes for the first time, pizza dinners between rehearsals, the cast jokes and backstage conversation, and, of course, trying to perfect the slapstick comedy on stage.

We are all incredibly grateful to Mr Harrington for directing such a fun and challenging play and to Miss Lansley-Davis for all the incredible costumes. The lighting and set could not have looked so dazzling without Mr Grace and the backstage crew. This play is truly one to go down in Wycombe Abbey history and won’t be forgotten.

Ella and Anna

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