Pupils ‘Run the World’ for Two Days

Esteemed Chair, fellow delegates…

Let us celebrate the success of WASAMUN 2023!

Wycombe Abbey’s Annual Model United Nations Conference showcased the excellence of our LV – UVI MUN delegates.

On 20 – 21 January 2023, 170 pupils from eight schools (Harrow School, Dulwich College, Reading Blue Coat School, Wetherby Senior School, Oakham School, Royal Grammar School High Wycombe, Norwich School and Wycombe Abbey) congregated at our home conference and spent two days emulating committee consultations of the United Nations. Each pupil, representing a diplomat from a different UN country, engaged in a series of high-level debates across the weekend and worked alongside each other to discuss world issues and come to peaceful solutions. Matters on the agenda included current and historical disputes concerning disarmament and international security, human rights, and pressing issues for the Security Council.

Alongside enriching and stimulating committee sessions, delegates enjoyed the social events of the weekend. Pupils mingled at a mocktail drinks reception, followed by a Diplomat Dinner on Friday evening, then danced the evening away at a black-tie Highland Ball. Delegates networked over a formal lunch on Saturday and listened to the inspiring words of the Secretary General, Argia (UVI), at the WASAMUN Closing Ceremony. The weekend was a wonderful opportunity to develop knowledge of important issues in our word, to enhance life skills in research and communication, and to make lifelong friends.

WASAMUN 2023 was a triumph thanks to the pupils involved who demonstrated diplomacy, integrity and passion throughout. Some pupil quotes below encapsulate the utter joy of the weekend:

“Thank you so much for organising this conference! It was absolutely fantastic, and I highly enjoyed debating, shouting, arguing and laughing with so many new friends I’ve made. What a memorable conference- and I’m hoping we get to come back next year!!!”

“Thank you for organising this event at Wycombe Abbey. I am extremely grateful that I was able to participate in such an amazing experience.”

Miss Lauren Monteil
MUN Coordinator and Head of Psychology

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