LitBit: Improving your Literary Fitness

Regularly reading and discussing poetry is one of the perks of being an English teacher and it is a real joy to see such interest from the pupils of Wycombe Abbey, many of whom also write their own poetry. As we marked National Poetry Day 2022 last week, we celebrated and shared this passion, recording a special episode of the English Department’s new podcast, LitBit.

In pre-Covid times, LitBit was launched as a paper-based initiative designed to share examples of great writing from a range of forms and genres, posters being plastered on walls to prompt thought and reflection. This year, we have revitalised LitBit as a podcast in which staff and pupils read poems and extracts of prose or drama, offering a tantalising taste of literature in a series of five-minute episodes. With the podcast showcasing the power of performance, we hope to proclaim the beauty of the written word to as wide an audience as possible, inspiring others on their reading journey.

National Poetry Day provided the perfect opportunity for staff and pupils to collaborate for an extended LitBit special episode, with readings and reflections on a selection of favourite poems. We were thrilled to share this with the School community to kickstart the day and hope that many will tune in for future episodes.

Building on the success of last year’s inaugural poetry evenings run by the pupil-led Literary Society, the passion for writing and reflecting on poetry has continued to be nurtured at the start of this term with the first event taking place on Tuesday 4 October. With Sixth Formers leading this initiative, and younger pupils relishing Mrs Taylor-Davis’ weekly poetry club, our vision to nurture a passion for reading, writing and discussing literature is being realised in many exciting ways. We look forward to encouraging even more to join us on this journey and developing the role the LitBit podcast plays in this.

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Sam Lenton
Head of English

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