House Dance 2022

House spirit radiated from the Lancaster Arts Centre at the end of September as the whole School gathered to watch the annual Upper Four House Dance Competition.

Pupils were tasked with choreographing their own dance routines to a variety of different music from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. They also edited the music and organised their costumes.

The judges saw some excellent performances from the Upper Fours and were impressed by the teamwork demonstrated by the girls. We saw a range of dance styles, including Modern, Ballet, Street Dance and Hip Hop. We were especially surprised by how well-rehearsed the dances were and loved how supportive the audience was as well; in true Wycombe Abbey style! This is an event that is much-anticipated each year and is incredibly important for the integration of the new girls into UIV, alongside creating fantastic House spirit.

The Dance Captains really enjoyed judging the competition and it seems the standard of Dance is only improving each year.

Congratulations go to Barry House who were crowned the winners!

UVI, School Dance Captain

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