Imaginarium: A Wycombe Abbey International Schools Art Exhibition

We are excited to share with you the 2023 Wycombe Abbey International Schools Art Exhibition: Imaginarium. This exhibition spans five schools, our School here in the UK and our sister schools in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Art is a vibrant subject at Wycombe Abbey UK, offering a wide range of activities beyond the formal curriculum. The girls are exposed to artistic techniques and skills, and are involved in many projects and discussions about the role of art in society.

Pupils from all Wycombe Abbey International Schools, ranging from Year 1 to Year 13, have explored many different techniques over the year to produce pieces using a range of techniques from acrylic painting, textiles and ceramics to photography and detailed digital illustrations amongst many others. Children from all five schools were encouraged to develop their own styles and embrace the artistic process and journey to discover their own talents whilst pushing their thinking about creativity and innovation.

Along with the excellent exhibitions, members of each school have selected six pieces of outstanding work to take part in the ‘The Best Of’ competition. We warmly invite you to vote for your favourite by clicking below and support our talented artists by recognising their hard work and dedication. Voting closes on Monday 10 July with winners announced later that week.

Vote for your favourite

Headmistress, Jo Duncan said, ‘This collaboration across the Wycombe Abbey International Schools is an example of the Wycombe Abbey spirit of creativity and imagination. The exhibition serves as a wonderful reminder of brilliant talent from around the world and encourages all children to develop new skills and explore their passions.’

Click the exhibition below to enter the gallery.

The Best Of

Wycombe Abbey UK UIII – LV

Wycombe Abbey UK UV – UVI

Wycombe Abbey Hangzhou KG – G5

Wycombe Abbey Hangzhou G6 – G12

Wycombe Abbey Changzhou

Wycombe Abbey Hong Kong

Wycombe Abbey Nanjing

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