Humans of Wycombe Abbey Volume 2: Celebrating 125 Years

Humans of Wycombe Abbey, Vol 2 front cover

To celebrate 125 years since the foundation of Wycombe Abbey, we are pleased to announce the publication of Humans of Wycombe Abbey, Vol 2 – a celebration of our wonderful School community; pupils, staff, seniors and friends who make up the diverse range of experiences and memories throughout the generations at Wycombe Abbey.

The project is a follow up to a previous volume published in 2016 to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the School and took its inspiration from Brandon Stanton’s blog Humans of New York. The book was brought together by a group of Sixth Form pupils and all interviews were conducted by the girls over the course of this year.

Isabel Sobowale (Class of 2021, Cloister, C342) said, “We wanted to create this book as a time capsule of sorts, one that pays homage to Wycombe Abbey as the School celebrates its 125th anniversary, and speaks to the community of individuals who have breathed life into the halls. What makes Wycombe so special is the way in which such a diverse cohort of people can draw together to create a vibrant mosaic – we wanted to share just a snippet of our dynamic community with you”.

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The pupils leading this project have asked that all profits from this publication be donated to the School’s Bursary Fund, enabling more girls to benefit from the same opportunities and memories experienced at Wycombe Abbey. If you would like to learn more about the School’s Bursary Fund, please click the link below.

 Wycombe Abbey Bursary Fund