Greenpower Team hope to Race at Goodwood after Triumphant win at Dunsfold

At Wycombe Abbey, we hope to inspire young women to get involved in engineering and motorsports through the Wycombe Abbey Greenpower team. Our team has worked tirelessly on our two cars, Sprocket Rocket (kit car) and Phoenix (scratch car), with the hope of competing in the international finals this year at Goodwood.

The Greenpower team has a great community spirit and going to the race at Greenwood will help us to create fond memories that we hope will inspire the next generation of Greenpower engineers. Considering sustainability being one of our key aims, we have recently been rebuilding and modifying Phoenix, which is 12 years old. Given its age, yet competitive speed, we would love to have a chance to see how it competes against some of the newer cars.

Last year, we won best kit car for Sprocket Rocket in the F24+ category at the international finals and we won the same award last Sunday at the Dunsfold heat; we really believe we would be a worthy contender at Goodwood and have a real shot at bringing the trophy home to Wycombe Abbey again this year.

Currently, women are underrepresented in the engineering industry and by competing as a girls-only school, we would be representing not just the school, but also championing diversity in the Greenpower community as well as in engineering and motorsport as a whole.

Alisha. LVI

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