Greenpower Race Day

At six o’clock on 23 June, the Wycombe Abbey Greenpower team crammed into a minibus and travelled through the Cotswolds to the legendary Castle Combe racing circuit. Our team of aspiring engineers and motorsport enthusiasts entered three races: two Formula 24 (for ages 11 to 16) and one Formula 24+ race (for ages 16 to 25). The day was largely successful, with the ‘Sprocket Rocket’ placing first out of kit cars in the Formula 24+ division, and a record lap time for our homebuilt car, ‘Phoenix’. However, we definitely faced some setbacks. Our steering system came apart mid-race and the new Arduino speed controller abruptly stopped the motor at the top of an incline. Nevertheless, we responded with tenacity and resourcefulness, modifying our cars to make sure they reached the finish line!

Celeste, LVI