British Schoolgirls’ Ski Races

On 25 January seven pupils travelled to Flaine in France to compete in the British Schoolgirls’ Ski Races. This year 153 skiers took part, making up 51 teams.

The Wycombe Abbey girls had an early start on Saturday to begin their race training. They tackled the Giant Slalom gates for most of the day, completing individual time trials to fight for their space in a team. Sunday was much the same, although the weather changed drastically, making the more technical Slalom training day very difficult. However, the girls worked hard and had a well-earned early finish due to heavy snowfall.

On Monday morning the girls were enthusiastic and ready for the first day of Giant Slalom racing. The falling snow had not helped conditions as the racing piste was soft and unpredictable but the girls fought for every bit of grip the snow could offer. Both Madeline (UV) and Lydia (UV) gained podium places of first and third respectively for their efforts.

On Tuesday the conditions were very cold but slightly better for racing and the Slalom competition started at nine a.m. as scheduled. The course was rutted and technically demanding but again the girls excelled with Madeline (UV), Mia (LVI) and Cara (UIV) gaining podium places of first, second and third respectively.

Overall the competition was a huge success and each member played a valuable role in an excellent team performance. Wycombe Abbey A-team placed first out of the unregistered teams, second in the unregistered Giant Slalom and first in the unregistered Slalom. Wycombe Abbey B-team placed second out of all the B-teams competing.