Wycombe Abbey Pupils take part in the Bath International Schools’ Model United Nations

Wycombe Abbey pupils at tje Bat International Schools Model United Nations

On Saturday 5 – Sunday 6 March 2022, 32 girls travelled to Bath as delegates for the 31st Annual BISMUN Conference. Representing diplomats from Belgium, Brunei, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Peru and the United Arab Emirates, our fantastic Wycombe Abbey delegations worked together as a body of over 350 pupils to debate world issues and come to peaceful solutions.

For some, this was their very first conference, and our beginners truly relished the opportunity to model the United Nations for the first time. Below are some thoughts from Rose and Pia (LVI).

BISMUN 2022 was an incredible experience, with opportunities to debate topical issues ranging from the immediate situation in Ukraine, to vaccine implementation. Highlights from Security Council included Albania’s interesting proposal that the South China Sea become a Vatican City mandate, whilst France and Ghana also developed a slightly unexpected friendship! 

BISMUN was unique in many ways, having two ‘crisis simulations’, in which countries debate an unexpected challenge which they were not prepared for. It was really enjoyable to have the opportunity to lobby our clauses and further create alliances and was also a great exercise to develop our skills of thinking on the spot. Additionally, at the end of the conference, all delegates gathered for a General Assembly debate, which, whilst scary speaking in front of so many people, was incredibly memorable and entertaining.  

Being on the Security Council provided us with an insight into global power dynamics, as seeing the Permanent Five wield their veto powers to block resolutions. The alliances formed between these countries was helpful in understanding the political scene as it is. In particular, the relationships between China, Russia and the USA were especially fascinating. Putting MUN quirks into practice in a formal setting is always fun, along with the added benefits that note passing and lobbying bring to the committee. Several Wycombe girls were lucky enough to be voted ‘Smartest Dress’ at the end of the conference as well.

The conference was a great opportunity to connect with fellow MUN enthusiasts, and I think we appreciated the social aspect to it even more than ever, after the distance caused by Covid-19. Lunches in Kingswood School’s Hogwarts-esque dining room were particularly lovely and to enjoy the company of so many new friends was great! Above all, we were privileged to listen to some inspiring speakers who undoubtedly have a future in the political field; we all learnt from each other in terms of developing our own public speaking skills. After a fruitful day of discussion, we had the chance to explore the lovely city of Bath and visit its famous attractions such as the Roman baths, the Fudge shop, and of course, Pizza Express!

Overall, it was truly an amazing experience, and really developed our love for MUN even further. For any pupil considering going to a conference or unsure of starting MUN, do it – you will not regret it!

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