Wycombe Abbey girls excel at MUN (Model United Nations)

We are delighted to report that Wycombe Abbey’s Model United Nations (MUN) team recently won the Outstanding Delegation Award at the LEHMUN International Affairs Conference.

The conference – which was held at Lady Eleanor Holles School – was a simulation of the United Nations and involved recreating a range of of diplomatic forums, including the Human Rights Council, United Nations General Assembly and Security Council.

Flora – a UVI pupil – said, “We travelled back in time to recreate the United Nations in 1956 – a year which included the Hungarian revolution and Suez crisis.

“We represented the policies of Cuba, Egypt, Finland, and France during the simulation and all had a great time. Not only did we learn more about international relations and improve on our public speaking skills, we also made good friends with lots of the other delegates. We cannot wait for the next conference.”

The historical interlude led to a heated debate between Wycombe Abbey teams representing France and Egypt over the control of the Suez Canal.

Amongst the resolutions drafted by the girls on a range of global problems, topics discussed included measures to reduce maternal mortality, refugees access to labour markets, antimicrobial resistance and the situation in the Rakhine region of Myanmar.

Six Wycombe Abbey girls also won individual prizes for the standard of their contributions to the debate.