Wycombe Abbey Careers Seminar 2023

As part of our aim to encourage and inspire pupils as they consider their future career options, the Wycombe Abbey Careers Department hosts the Careers Seminar each year. This November, we were privileged to be joined by 27 guest speakers, representing a wide variety of different professions. The event, which is compulsory for pupils in UV – UVI, takes place in the evening and pupils are given the chance to sign up for two different talks, after considering our extensive range of speaker biographies.

Our speakers and a group of staff hosts enjoyed a lovely meal in Big School prior to the sessions and the opportunity to network before being whisked off to classrooms across the School by a variety of pupils elected to act as Speaker Assistants.

Our volunteers were invited to spend some time describing their own personal career journeys – the highs and the lows – and giving tips and advice to the girls before opening up the sessions to general discussion and Q&A. Groups were kept small, with 15 pupils per talk, to encourage girls to fully participate in the discussion sessions and make the most of the opportunity to pick their speakers’ brains. Pupils appreciate ‘the personal aspect of it’ (UV pupil) and enjoy how with a ‘small number of people in each classroom… it is easy to get involved’ (UV pupil).

Professions covered during the evening ranged from law to working in the charity sector; entrepreneurship to real estate; environmental fundraising to medicine; architecture to engineering; consultancy to journalism and many other areas in between. Pupils had the opportunity to engage with a mixture of Wycombe Abbey Seniors (alumnae), parents and local professionals, all of whom kindly volunteered their time to take part.

This year’s speakers were hugely impressed by the calibre of questions, with one commenting, ‘I must say I was so impressed by the maturity, intelligence and sheer brilliance of the girls. They were extremely well-behaved, they engaged well with the sessions, and they asked excellent questions. And unknown to them, I also learnt a lot.’

There was a great atmosphere and buzz as pupils moved from talk to talk and they genuinely enjoyed the evening with feedback comments including ‘I thought she was an amazing public speaker and I learnt so much, easily one of the best talks I’ve attended and the best careers seminar talk I have been to.’ (UVI pupil) and ‘I enjoyed the vast range and selection of speakers and I like the small group size which makes asking questions and having discussions easier.’ (LVI pupil)

All in all, it was a hugely enjoyable and successful evening. Thank you to the speakers involved for giving their time to support and inspire the next generation.

Mrs Becky Scott
Careers Co-Ordinator

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