Wycombe Abbey Careers Seminar November 2022

On Tuesday 8 November the Careers Department hosted the annual Wycombe Abbey Careers Seminar, held in person for the first time since 2019. We were delighted to welcome 23 different speakers to join us for the evening.

A range of professions were represented; from law to medicine, design to software development, Foreign Office work to entrepreneurship, to mention just a few.

The focus of the Careers Seminar is to give pupils in Upper Fifth and Sixth Form the opportunity to hear from different professionals all about their career journeys – the highs and lows, what they have learnt over the years, what a day in their current job looks like and different pathways into their professions. Pupils are given a Speaker Biography Booklet to review ahead of the event which enables them to choose the talks they would like to attend. We advise them to pick one talk from an area in which they have a definite interest and to be open-minded and choose one which is a bit different.

Our speakers gave short talks followed by a Q&A and plenty of time for discussion afterwards. Small groups ensured a comfortable forum for asking questions and allowed the girls time to really get under the skin of different careers. The aim of the event is to inform and inspire our pupils as they look ahead to future career options.

Both pupil and speaker feedback from this years’ event has been excellent:

“I thought it was a great and honest look at the ups and down of starting a business” (UV pupil)

“Small groups made it feel informal and allowed people to ask questions more easily”  (UV pupil)

“It was a pleasure being at the school and speaking to the girls, they seemed very enthusiastic which was very refreshing to see.” (Speaker)

“They were a fun and inquisitive group!” (Speaker)

We would like to thank all of our speakers for giving up their time to inspire future generations, we really appreciate their involvement.

The Careers Department will be contacting all parents in the Spring Term to ask if anyone might like to be involved in future careers events – do look out for our survey or get in touch via the contact details below.

Alison Kiln (Head of Careers) [email protected] | Becky Scott (Careers Administrator) [email protected]

Mrs Becky Scott
Careers Administrator

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