Wellbeing During Lockdown

Wendover House Meeting


We have entered our second lockdown and period of remote learning, so we need to make sure we are thinking about our wellbeing and mental health carefully once again.

Today we hear from our Wellbeing team with their insight into how the girls, and you, can take care of yourself during this time and what the department have planned over the course of the next few weeks.

Wellbeing remains at the heart of all the girl’s Wycombe Abbey experience despite not being physically in School with us.

The new year is a great time to focus on positive changes for better health. A fantastic wellbeing challenge to see if you and your daughter can take one small step each day to improve mental and physical wellbeing is a step in the right direction and keep on track. It is also a great way to learn new habits that have a big impact – 50 Day Wellbeing Challenge.

We are really excited that our annual Mental Health Awareness Week will continue to go ahead remotely. Our aim for the week will be to help the girls build skills that will support both their own mental health and that of others too – especially that of listening to others. The last period of remote learning illustrated just how important it is to stay connected with one another; for each of us to have our own support networks with whom we feel no shame in asking for help when needed. It is therefore important that we learn the skills required for when others may reach out to us, or to notice when others may not be feeling their best also. The week will run with fun activities, competitions and Zoom talks to share our ideas and experiences of being heard and listening to others. We look forward to sharing what we get up to with you on our social channels.

We are also in the midst of developing a podcast, creating videos and other platforms to continue to share the science of wellbeing, flourishing and mental health with the School community which will hopefully continue to thrive post lockdown.

2020 was a tough year, if you would like more information on how to improve your child’s mental health during this lockdown, click to read A powerful way to improve your child’s mental health through Covid-19 from the Parents Guide To website.

The School Counselling Service will continue as though we were at School, albeit virtually, and pupils are starting up again with any support they were receiving at the end of last term. A new referral can be made to Claire, our Counsellor by talking to your daughter’s Housemistress, teacher, or Claire can be contacted directly by emailing maddockc@wycombeabbey.com.

Miss Blunt’s Top tips for remote learning (and working from home) – lessons from last time:

  1. It is OK if things go wrong
    The WiFi isn’t always going to have impeccable speed, a piece of prep may get submitted to the wrong place, your daughter might miss her weekly call with her House team and she may get confused with potential time differences. It is normal for things to not go to plan when we are living in very un-normal times. If something goes wrong encourage your daughter to reach out to her teacher, tutor or Housemistress. Allow her to learn how to rectify her mistakes, to ask for help or extra clarification on something she is confused with – all vital skills for life after Wycombe Abbey.
  2. Routine is key
    Helping your daughter to establish a good routine with sleep, technology and downtime will help to keep her from burning out. She shouldn’t be waking up five minutes before tutor time and should aim to be going to bed at a similar time as if she were in School, possibly even a little earlier. Some time outdoors each day will also do wonders for her.
  3. Control the tech
    Girls are about to spend an awful lot of time at their screens again and we have put in new practises to reduce the time spent at their laptops during the School day. However, it isn’t just their laptops they will have more access to, it is also their mobile phones. Try to get them to hand them in at bedtime, like they would do at School, and I would advise the girls that all break and afternoon tea times are tech free too.
  4. Enjoy the extra time at home
    During the last period of remote learning I told the girls to enjoy this extra time at home with their families (if they are able to be with them) and I do the same again now. Nights without the girl that snores loudly in her dorm, being able to cook for your parents, family movie nights or jigsaw puzzles, keeping the lights on for an extra 15 minutes to keep reading that good book and the ability to have a long bath. Allow her to enjoy the little things that she can’t do at School with such ease. Hopefully, we shouldn’t have to do this again (although I do remember writing that last time). Enjoy this time together as a family.