A Four Year Pathway into US Higher Education

US Higher Education Pathway at Wycombe Abbey

This year Wycombe Abbey pupils have received multiple offers from leading universities in the US. Approximately a quarter of the year group each year apply to study in the US, often alongside applying to UK universities. This year saw an increase in Early Decision applications, which proved fruitful. To date this year, pupils have received offers from the following institutions: California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Duke University, Fordham University, Georgia Institute of Technology, New York University, Northeastern University, Princeton University, The University of California Los Angeles/Berkeley/Irvine/Santa Barbara/San Diego, The University of Chicago and Tufts University. It is a great testament to the pupils’ hard work and adherence to the process that they received offers of this calibre. All the institutions mentioned have reported significant increases of international applications in the past two years. The number of offers received is, of course, proportional to the number of institutions applied to and pupils with secure, trusted contingency in their applications were very successful. 

The last two application cycles have been tumultuous, with multiple factors affecting stakeholders on both sides of the fence. The imposition of remote learning at School has shifted tides in student interest, along with changing standardised test policies, increasing Oxbridge competition and a broader sense of what is available. Our more detailed guidance has substantially changed how girls apply and where they consider applying to. Applying to the US is a complex process and interested pupils are helped to tackle tasks through a range of School interventions. These include research resources, destination advice, family meetings, one to one tuition and editorials to cover all aspects of the process. For girls attending Wycombe Abbey in the Lower Fifth, the process starts here with interventions increasing over a four-year period. This means long term and very intentional planning for the most robust and appropriate applications is possible. For those joining later, our flexible and responsive approach is designed to accommodate this. The below brochure gives a clear breakdown of how we work together on preparing for US study from the Fifth Form onwards. If you have any queries do get in touch by emailing [email protected].

Ed Tourle
American and International Universities Counsellor