VE Day Commemoration

Wycombe Abbey commemorates the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.


“We feel that it is truly important to celebrate VE Day, especially now as it begins to move to the limits of memory, as it arguably was indeed Britain’s finest hour. The country had come through the very dark days of the Second World War and had won. The Britain of 1945 was battered and bruised but had weathered the storm and would go on to invent the NHS and rebuild the country. 2020 Britain could not have a more appropriate model on so many levels.”

Dr Sarah Tullis, Head of History, Government and Politics

“On this special VE Day anniversary perhaps the overriding message we can take is one of hope.  When we think of VE Day, and the images that have been passed down through the generations, we remember crowds waving, we remember flags flying and we remember people embracing.  It is not that we forget the destruction and the loss that so many had suffered during the Second World War but we remember that there was hope.  Hope of a peaceful future, hope that the suffering would end and hope that people would be able to rebuild their lives.  It is an anniversary and a message I think we will always remember as a society.  There will be victory and there will always be hope.”

Mr James Jones,  Deputy Head (Pupils) and Teacher of History