The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

This year’s Creative Project, The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, was the most impressive yet. Between its high energy dance numbers, moments of poignant grief, and Little Voice’s incredible vocal performance, it was a show that will stick in my mind for years to come.

The beautifully stylised opening of Little Voice’s growing up sequence made the death of her father all the more painful. This sweet and charming father/daughter relationship left Little Voice alone in an abusive relationship with her mother, making the tears come a little earlier than customary in the Creative Project. Eli’s performance as Mari, Little Voice’s mother, was absolutely incredible, and was a perfect counterpoint to Emily’s quiet and minimalistic Father. The comic pairing of Jade’s Mr Boo and Ally’s Ray Say had the audience in stitches, and totally believing in the reality of the night club where Little Voice performed. The moments of sweet sentimentality as provided by Alexa’s ‘Billy’ broke up the comedy and tragedy and provided a hopeful path for the audience to follow.

An astonishingly well-performed light show had the audience involved in a way not usually seen at Wycombe, and left me feeling happy and hopeful as the play drew to a close. A special mention must go to Roya’s tremendous vocal performance as Little Voice herself. Her acting was impressive and her singing talent allowed me to be seamlessly taken to performances from some of the greats, like Marilyn Monroe and Shirley Bassey. Overall, the mini musical was an absolute delight to watch. With phenomenal direction by Miss Hoyle, and astounding sound and light patterns by Dr Bates, the girls in the cast shone, and honestly and beautifully told the story of The Rise and Fall of Little Voice. I look forward to seeing what show stopper the next Creative Project will be!

Sarah, UVI
Drama Prefect