Sister Act the Musical

In March 2022, for three nights only, the Lancaster Arts Centre was alight with song and dance as the performing arts departments put on a production of Sister Act. Girls ranging from Lower Fourth to Lower Sixth were dressed head to toe in habits and disco-themed outfits ready to showcase their talent on the stage. The show was a fantastic fusion of the School’s Drama and Music departments to create a dazzling production filled with a range of characters from elderly nuns to some incredibly suave gangsters blessing (no pun intended) our stage.

This was the first Wycombe Abbey musical for quite some time and it was so refreshing to see the production come to life after two years of no mixed year group plays. Sister Act had been in production since late 2020 and after several Covid-19 mishaps, a recasting and some strong perseverance from the staff – the show without a doubt proved worth the wait.

Rehearsals began in September 2021, it is amazing to think that what began with all of us gathered around Mr Reid’s piano trying to conquer harmonies could turn into such a triumph. This was the first whole school play I’ve ever experienced in my six years at Wycombe Abbey, normally it is split between Lower and Upper School, though this was perhaps unusual at first, it transpired to be very successful in restoring that wonderful year integration which had been somewhat of a casualty of Covid-19. I know that the rest of the cast would agree that we all became a family during the six months of rehearsing, I’ve come to find that there is something so special about singing together in a group, not only does it form a bond like no other, it also promises that the songs stick in your head for weeks, trust me, I am still waking up to the sound of It’s good to be a Nun at seven in the morning!

On performance nights, butterflies filled everyone’s stomachs as hair spray was spritzed, wrinkles drawn, and fake moustaches applied. Nerves were certainly particularly high during all the costume changes with several speedy swaps and frantic checks to see if trousers had fallen, it had happened one too many times… however, all the crossing of fingers and anxious watching worked a charm as the turnarounds were smooth and seamless thanks to the brilliant team behind the scenes, it was just as successful as all the choreography and melodies that shone on stage each night. All of this was to the credit of the amazing staff that worked tirelessly to put all their spirit and flair into the shows, I can’t thank them all enough for building one of the most memorable experiences of my whole School career.

“Both Mr Reid and I had the most rewarding time working with the cast and crew on Sister Act. It has been one of my favourite shows to direct and I am so proud of everyone involved. Musicals take a lot of hard work and dedication, and I could not have asked for more from each and every one of them!” Mrs Woodward, Director commented. Miss Boswell has requested that we perform Sister Act every year and I couldn’t agree more, I along with many others would thoroughly love to see the return of 20 singing nuns in LAC.

Phoebe, LVI

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