Sharing a Love of Mathematics

This year, Wycombe Abbey announced two exciting initiatives aimed at sharing mathematical enrichment initiatives with our partner schools and more generally to those pupils who want to extend their knowledge.

A Daily Quiz is available on Wycombe Abbey’s Conundrum quiz website and pupils can sign up to test their knowledge when preparing for Olympiads or Maths Challenges. The problems require no special knowledge, but they get pupils thinking and prepared to give things a try. This Christmas there will also be a festive puzzle hunt, open to pupils all around the world.

Sign up to Conundrum

Wycombe Abbey has also launched a new online learning platform called Tandem, which will be made available to Year 12 pupils attending non-selective state schools. This will contain courses aimed at pupils interested in applying for degrees in mathematical subjects at competitive universities and will provide them with structured preparation for MAT, PAT, TSA, TMUA or STEP examinations. Further courses will be added in the future.

It is hoped that these initiatives will, above all else, spread the love of mathematics far and wide and encourage budding mathematicians everywhere to discover the delights of mathematical problem-solving while opening doors for them to study at the best universities in the UK and beyond.

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