Return of MUN

Many pupils at Wycombe Abbey take part in Model United Nations (MUN). They are exposed to a mix of politics and current affairs, and over the academic year are able to attend a number of conferences in the UK and overseas, representing different countries’ views in a range of committees and debating key global issues.

During Short Leave in November, a delegation of Wycombe Abbey pupils visited RGS Guildford to take part in the first in-person MUN conference since the pandemic. Below, Freya and Ava (LV) tell us how the day went.

We had a thrilling experience at RGS Guildford MUN conference over Short Leave. As it was our first time, there was a mix of nerves and anxiousness, but overall, we were excited.

On the day, we were ushered into a large hall and sat at our assigned tables, fussed over WiFi, and started to prepare for the conference – that was when the prospect of the day ahead really hit us. At the bang of the gavel, we separated into different rooms across the school and after a short introduction, we were whisked straight into lobbying our resolutions, presenting our opening speeches, raising placards and note passing. It was nerve-wracking at first, but once we had got into the routine, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. As quick as you could say POI (point of interest), a resolution was passed, and we moved onto the next one. We were all swept up into the buzz and excitement of MUN and raised our hands to speak at every opportunity. We became engrossed in our countries’ values and opinions, representing their ideas passionately as if they were our own. We discussed a wide range of different proposals such as the oppression of First Nation people in Oceania.

Once lunch was over, we went straight back into it. It was nice to finally interact with the delegates and meet people from other schools after such a long time of online conferences and competitions. When our individual sessions had come to an end, we had our first general assembly, which was chaotic to say the least, but very enjoyable. It was interesting to work with both older and younger years and be able to properly collaborate with other countries on one main idea and fight for what we believed. Then just like that, it was over. The gifts were given out and closing speeches were made. All the nerves, laughter, speeches, POIs, debates, and ‘rights to replies’ were all out of the way and we wouldn’t have missed it for the world! We made some great friends who we hope to see next time and are excited for the next MUN.

Huge congratulations to everyone who took part, especially those who won prizes:

SOCHUM (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee)
Highly commended – Izzy, Freya, Ambika
Outstanding – Angela, Maddie

Security Council
Outstanding – Amelie

Overall Outstanding Delegation
Russia – Argia, Ahana, Maddie

If you want to vote for the resolution above on whether you enjoyed MUN RGS Guilford, raise your placards now … Majority votes. The resolution is passed. MUN really is FUN!

Freya and Ava, LV