Pupil Medical Conference at Wycombe Abbey

Wycombe Abbey recently held the annual Medical Conference with Harrow and Radley. The evening consisted of an excellent standard of medical presentations from all schools followed by a lovely dinner. It was fascinating to learn about other topics in such great depth that were displayed with much passion.

The evening started off with drinks and introductions and then the presentations commenced with two speakers from each school participating in the competition. Radley covered the topics of acute strokes and potential Alzheimer’s treatment with Harrow discussing calcification and anaesthesia. The talks were engaging, detailed and intriguing. From Wycombe Abbey, Kamilla and Ari offered passionate talks on placebo and sickle cell anaemia in great depth. All presenters answered the audience’s challenging questions with composure, and a big well done to those who participated. Congratulations to Radley’s winning presentation on strokes.

As always, the food was outstanding and a massive thank you goes to the catering staff and all the teachers for arranging such a great event. It was an invaluable opportunity for pupils to come together and collectively discuss our passion for medicine and science.

Amelie, UVI