Primary School Enrichment Day at Wycombe Abbey

On Sunday, 25 February, we welcomed a group of Year 5 pupils from two of our local primary partner schools, High Wycombe C of E and Castlefield, to come and experience enrichment lessons in Classics, Science, English and Maths. The content for the lessons had been entirely planned by our volunteer Lower Sixth pupils in liaison with Wycombe Abbey subject specialist teachers, who offered additional guidance on teaching strategies. The primary pupils engaged really well with the programme, and we had factored in a morning break after the first session, and a brunch in the Main School Dining Room, which was a hit. In the end it was difficult to get the pupils away to be reunited with their parents!

The enrichment day was a real success. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and we will now look to run some more sessions in the Summer Term. Going forward, this will become an embedded part of our partnerships provision, and we hope it will allow us to build even deeper relationships with our valued local primary schools, who do so much for us by hosting our LVI and UIV pupils on their primary placements.

One of our pupil teachers, Masha (LVI Maths Co-ordinator), reflected on her experience, ‘As Head of Maths, I had planned the Maths curriculum for the day, and I nervously anticipated the pupils’ reactions to the lesson. I hoped they would respond positively, but they exceeded my expectations through their eagerness and curiosity. I was pleasantly surprised with how enthusiastic the pupils were, volunteering answers at any given opportunity and passionately discussing their thoughts. The main portion of the lesson was dedicated to a Countdown-style game, which was a massive success. After the pupils had grasped the concept of the challenge, they began furiously scribbling down their workings and helped each other reach the final solution. It was incredibly fulfilling to see the activities I had planned come to life, particularly as I could see that the Year 5 pupils were enjoying them. Seeing their eagerness to tackle new maths problems and their excitement when they successfully solved them made me so grateful that we had put on this event, and now has me looking forward to our continued program next term.

Mr Joyce
Head of Partnerships

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