Celebrating Frances Dove’s Charity, Central Aid, Winning The King’s Award for Voluntary Service

On Friday 15 March, seven Lower Sixth House Charity Representatives, Rev Penny and I attended Central Aid’s King’s Award Event. Central Aid were recipients of the King’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award a local voluntary group can receive in the UK and equivalent to an MBE. Central Aid was one of 262 local charities that received the award this year, which was a great way to honour the outstanding work that they do. The charity was established in 1906 by Dame Frances Dove, Wycombe Abbey’s founding headmistress, whose aim was to alleviate poverty. Her mission has been carried through to the present day with the success of the charity and the large number of people it helps. 

We supported the event by helping with canapes and drinks and welcoming the guests, which was a great experience. We were able to chat with the various people in attendance, and Sofia even arranged a future volunteering job. The guests ranged from the people the charity have helped, their volunteers, and notable dignitaries, including the Deputy Mayor, MP’s Office Representative, and Countess Howe, His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire. I loved speaking to the volunteers of Central Aid and hearing about the amazing community they have established through their working environment and relationships with the people they help. 

Countess Howe, gave an inspiring speech highlighting how volunteering was a fantastic way to contribute to society and especially how it helps local communities, which is shown through the work of the volunteers at Central Aid. Overall, it was a lovely afternoon, which we were so grateful to be a part of and can’t wait to see what Central Aid will do in the future. 


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