Parenting the Teenager: A Healthy Summer

As the summer months approach, there is so much to look forward to, not least spending more time in the great outdoors and (hopefully) in the sunshine. This time can provide a real boost to our wellbeing after the colder and darker months of winter. It is well attested that the lack of sunlight in the winter can have an adverse effect on our mood and, as this starts to change our spirits can take a notable lift. I am sure that you, like me, will have had at least a few conversations with friends, family, or colleagues about how much you’re enjoying the lighter evenings already. This increase in sunshine leads to higher levels of vitamin D which boosts our mood. Research suggests that getting outside in the sun for as little as 30 minutes a day can boost vitamin D levels so we should all try to find time to get out and about each day.

The improved weather and the longer days afford us opportunities to improve our wellbeing by doing things that are more difficult to do in the winter. There is research to suggest that spending time in nature can help people improve their focus and concentration, with warmer temperatures, less rain and the flowers in bloom, getting outside and connecting with nature feels easier to do during these months. One of the wonderful things about a Wycombe Abbey education is the environment in which we spend our time. Here at School, we have the opportunity to spend time watching the ducks on the lake, to walk the woodland paths or to take a jog around the grounds, all of which have a notably positive impact upon our wellbeing.

The longer days also give us more time. Although there are still only 24 hours in the day, and there is always a lot to do, the increasing hours of daylight mean we spend less time indoors and more time investing in our relationships with friends. It is a great pleasure for all of us who live and work here at Wycombe Abbey to see our pupils spending time outside in the grounds, discussing the events of the day or helping each other with prep and revision.

At School the summer months also provide the prospect of the long summer holiday. The anticipation of vacations, the additional time we have to spend with our families, the opportunity to pursue hobbies and the chance to reflect upon another year at School adds a spring to people’s step in the Summer Term.summer term. As the end of the year grows nearer why not encourage your daughter to reflect upon all she has achieved during the year and make a list of the things that she is looking forward to during the summer. As a parent I love doing this with my children, finding simple ways to help them achieve their goals for the holidays can be a great summer project for all of the family.

As the seasons change it affects not only our wellbeing but also our physical health. To make sure that nothing stops us enjoying the best that the summer has to offer, the nurses in our Health Centre are pleased to share some health guidance tailored to this time of the year. We’d encourage you to discuss these tips with your daughters and remind them to come and visit the Health Centre if they need any support or any guidance about their health. We’d encourage you to discuss these tips (below) with your daughters and remind them to come and visit the Health Centre if they need any support or any guidance about their health.

Mr James Jones
Deputy Head (Pupils)

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