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Junior House will be your home for the start of your Wycombe Abbey Journey in Year 7. We are a standalone House towards the top of Marlow Hill, a short walk from the main Abbey. We have our own dining room, library, computers, recreation room and other communal living areas, as well an outdoor play area. Junior House is home to approximately 68 boarders, with dorms generally of between four and eight girls. Our aim is that at the end of the day, when you walk up the hill from school, you feel like you are coming home and are part of a friendly and caring community.

Home is where memories are made. You will get to know your year group really well, as we spend a lot of time together through evening and weekend activities, meal times and staying in different combinations of dorms – you will swap rooms three times during the year. This means that you will make friendships that will stay with you throughout your time at Wycombe Abbey.

We have an excellent team of staff to make sure that you settle in and get the most out of your time at Wycombe Abbey. Whether you are a boarder or day boarder, we all look forward to getting to know you and we are here to answer your questions, run House activities, take you on trips and look after you if you are feeling poorly or homesick. I have boarded myself and know that it can sometimes take a bit of getting used to. We all live either in the House or close by, so one of us is never going to be too far away if you need us.

Staff oversee the running of the House, making sure your laundry is done, monitoring plans for the weekend, sorting the post and booking appointments for you. The Junior House Resident Tutors are attached to an academic department as well as assisting with wakeup and bedtime routines and escorting you on trips, so there are lots of different people to talk to.

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The Junior House team

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