Junior House: Our First Term at Wycombe Abbey

Roller Disco Weekend Activity

This Autumn term has been a challenging start for pupils and staff alike in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and how this has changed many of the ways we are used to working. However, the girls have shown tremendous resilience and enthusiasm in meeting the challenge head on and we have had a successful and enjoyable first term.

Upon arriving at a new school there is always a great deal to learn: from finding your way around the school, to knowing where to store your outdoor shoes and who your teachers are. The pandemic has only increased this logistical complexity and I am often astounded by the number of items that the girls need to keep track of. It has been wonderful to see how quickly the girls have risen to the challenge, honing their organisational skills and working on their laptops with increased independence – Mrs Nugent in particular is delighted to see fewer and fewer unnamed pieces of uniform floating around House!

Day boarders are unable to enter the senior Boarding House bubbles, but we are very fortunate in Junior House to have a single House and year-group bloc, so we are all able to assemble together. This has allowed friendships to develop and thrive between all the new girls and it has been brilliant to see them all getting on so well.

Between class lessons and extras, it has been clear to see that the girls have been involved in a huge variety of sports over the term. Indeed, due to the current restrictions around changing rooms, the girls have spent most of their time in PE kit, to the extent that, for new staff such as myself, it is sometimes difficult to remember exactly what normal school uniform looks like. From trampolining, to lacrosse and fencing, many have been trying new sports for the first time that were not available at their previous schools, making the most of the School’s excellent facilities.

Whilst the added closed weekends were the unfortunate result of a second lockdown, they have allowed the girls to fully participate in the fantastic array of weekend activities available at Wycombe Abbey. Particular highlights for the girls were the Harry Potter-themed evening, laser tag, and a fabulous Bonfire Night fireworks display, together with the whole school (at a social distance!). Without a doubt, the roller disco was the absolute House-favourite and it was a pleasure to see the girls whizz euphorically around the Sports Hall. I have been especially impressed by the enthusiasm with which the girls have approached all the activities available – even those that were unfamiliar to them.

Our start at Wycombe Abbey may have been atypical, but its success has been a real testament to the girls’ flexibility and spirit. I look forward to seeing Junior House go from strength to strength next term.

Miss Lucy Crampton (assisted by Miss Warner)

Head of Junior House