Everyone’s Invited Founder and Wycombe Abbey Senior, Soma Sara speaks to girls in School Meeting

At the beginning of November, Wycombe Abbey Senior and founder of Everyone’s Invited, Soma Sara joined us in our first School Meeting in the newly refurbished Big School. She introduced the whole school community to Everyone’s Invited and its mission to expose and eradicate rape culture with empathy, compassion and understanding, and led us through her journey of setting up this platform.

Soma started to share her experiences on Instagram in June 2020, and since then she has had an overwhelming response from others who have resonated with her story. Everyone’s Invited then became an anonymous space for survivors to share their stories.

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After School Meeting, pupils in UIV and LV attended a further talk and Q&A session with Soma. They questioned her about her work as an activist, how they can be upstanders and challenge rape culture themselves and heard how she dealt with the backlash of tackling such an emotive subject. At the end of their session, Soma commented that the questions that they asked were some of the best that she had ever heard and that they had a real understanding of this topic and grappled with it maturely and sensitively.

The pupils reported that they found the session inspirational, important and thought-provoking. Wycombe Abbey is committed to ensuring that this is not a one-time conversation about rape culture and its effects. It is a topic that is woven into the Wellbeing curriculum and one that will continue to be explored with our pupils in many other areas of School life.

Miss Sophie Blunt
Wellbeing Coordinator

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