Talking Engineering and Sustainability with Misha Patel

Talking Engineering and Sustainability with Misha Patel

As part of the Diversity and Inclusion lecture programme, we were very lucky to welcome Misha Patel recently. Misha is not only doing a DPhil in Engineering at the University of Oxford, but she also is an advocate for equality, diversity, and inclusion at the university. She gave a fascinating and thought-provoking talk in which she discussed her exciting research as well as how she discovered her passion for Engineering and Sustainability. She has gathered a wealth of experience in her career including working at the robotics company InnoTecUK, where she worked on a project focusing on modelling the motion of the human knee. We were also able to hear about her exciting year-long exchange at the Iowa State University of Science and Technology.

It was very interesting to hear about Misha’s research on Tidal Stream Energy and its importance in maintaining a sustainable future. She left us with some valuable advice at the end of her presentation: whatever we decide to pursue in the future, we should be passionate about it. It was very clear from her previous words that she had taken this advice herself. As a representative of Women in STEM, Misha is a true inspiration for all of the young scientists at Wycombe Abbey, and I would like to thank Misha for coming and sharing her experiences.

Avani Hurribunce
Teacher of Maths and Diversity and Inclusion Lead

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