Community, Opportunity and Responsibility Day for Wycombe Abbey Lower Four Pupils

In April, LIV had an engaging day of team building. To start the off-timetable day, we had a speech from Mrs Duncan (Headmistress) reflecting on the aims of the events ahead. She emphasised the importance of community spirit and the values of trust, encouragement, and mutual respect at Wycombe Abbey; some of our core values. She hoped that the team-building day would help us to develop these qualities amongst ourselves. The Problem Solving Company then made their entrance, showing us the coveted trophy that would be presented to the winning group after the completion of certain challenges.

The challenges involved working through various tasks as a team. One of our favourite activities was ‘Saving a Duck’ – trying to fill a pipe with water using only a small bucket and some rope! Throughout the day, everyone was having so much fun, laughing and completing challenges. The day required us to use teamwork constantly, and we threw ourselves into all the activities, enjoying them thoroughly.

Before the ‘Big Draw’, we had a talk from Mr Jones (Deputy Head (Pupils)) about the value of friendship and trusting yourself with responsibility. He recounted some anecdotes from his own experiences; no longer being seen as a new boy after finding a friend at school and being unafraid to ask for help on the side of a mountain! Following this, Miss Phipps (Teacher of Art) introduced the ‘Big Draw’. Before we got started, we took inspiration from some artists: Banksy who is known for his street art and the colourful yet simplistic style of Keith Haring.

Meeting in our groups, we all took to paper with our own artistic flair. With multicoloured rainbows and meaningful sketches, the room was soon filled with enthusiasm. We then walked around the room admiring all the wonderful artwork created by the other teams. It was a time to reflect on the day as the air filled with ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’.

As we look back on the day, we all agree that it was really fun filled with excitement and collaboration. We got to learn our strengths and weaknesses, develop our teamwork skills and, of course, have a great day out in the sun. Needless to say, this day was one to look back on fondly.

Alessia and Natalie Chan

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