Celebrating India Week

Lecture with Dinesh Patnaik, Deputy High Commissioner

On the 19th September, the Deputy High Commissioner, Dinesh Patnaik, kindly attended the School in the midst of India Week, much to everyone’s anticipation and excitement. He delivered intelligent and thought-provoking insight into many aspects of Indian life: poverty, culture, religion and economics to name a few. His wealth of knowledge gave his audience a glimpse of the extensive variety of people, and everyone definitely learnt at least one new thing about India. As an Indian, he made me feel even more proud of my heritage.

Olympia, UVI


Lecture with Professor Judith Brown

All of the Sixth Form historians were enormously excited to attend the lecture by Professor Judith Brown. As one of the leading experts on the British Raj (rule) we were truly honoured to listen to her during India Week. The UVI were scribbling away during her lecture in order to catch her opinion on the lead up to Indian independence for our coursework. Nonetheless, this lecture was not just to supplement our coursework, the talk provided its listeners with a fantastic overview of the British Raj. Even if you had very limited or no knowledge on India during Britain’s imperialist rule, the lecture was thoroughly engaging. We cannot thank Professor Judith Brown enough for coming to talk to us about a section of history, which more often than not fails to be acknowledged in euro-centric courses but is so incredibly important. What a brilliant way to connect with the 70th year anniversary of Indian independence!

Anjali, LVI