Black History Month

October marks the celebration of Black History Month. Wycombe Abbey is providing a plethora of educational activities for staff and pupils this month, starting with the hosting of the first meeting for the Wycombe Abbey Pupil Diversity and Inclusion Committee. All pupils were invited to join this new group and we are looking forward to hearing about plans moving forward.

On the agenda for discussion at the first meeting was the planning of two new discussion groups on diversity, inclusion and equality, to take place each term. Named ‘Courageous Conversations’, the discussion groups aim to provide a safe space to discuss issues around race, culture, diversity and inclusion.

These groups are designed to be an open forum, led by the committee of pupils, and open to the whole school. These discussions will be taking place virtually to ensure that as many individuals are able to join and safely contribute their thoughts and ideas. The Pupil Diversity, Inclusion and Equality Committee is also planning a dedicated Chapel Service on 19 October to celebrate Black History Month, an occasion celebrated nationwide enabling both adults and children to gain a broader understanding of Black histories, going beyond racism and slavery to spotlight Black achievement.

School is providing a number of activities for staff and pupils to celebrate Black History Month, here are some of the following things that have been provided for the school community to view this month to pay tribute and celebrate; online events, virtual talks, podcasts, TedTalks, movies and documentaries.

Ms Hurribunce is also encouraging pupils to have open discussions in Tutor times, House, lessons and meal times and a movie night has been organised for pupils to watch ‘The Boy who Harnessed the Wind’.