Anti-Bullying Week 2020

Between 16 – 22 November, the Wycombe Abbey community is coming together to celebrate and raise awareness for our annual Anti-Bullying Week. The theme this year is ‘United Against Bullying’, and an array of activities, talks, and challenges have been taking place to show our commitment to ensuring that everyone feels valued, accepted and safe here at Wycombe Abbey.

Anti Bullying Poster | Wycombe Abbey

The week started with ‘Odd Socks Day’, an opportunity for pupils and staff to wear a colourful array of odd socks. This fun event aimed to encourage everyone that it is OK to stand out from the crowd and to encourage the girls to celebrate people’s differences and individuality.

We have generated thought-provoking discussions throughout the week. During Chapel, we asked the pupils to think about the role they choose to play if they witness bullying. Tutors have led discussions and quizzes with their tutees, ensuring the girls know the steps to take should they experience unkind behaviour. These activities have been held across every age group, ensuring all the girls are aware of the measures in School available to help them.

As we write this, Houses are busy working away on a House Anti-Bullying video competition; we look forward to seeing their final entries. Over the weekend, the whole School will create a mural to be displayed along the Big School corridor as a reminder to always be kind to others. Clarence is taking part in their first ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’, and we are excited to hear what they learn from spreading a little joy to someone else’s day. UIII and LIV are also researching different acts of kindness from around the world to show how different cultures have come together to unite and support one another in hard times.

It has been wonderful to see the pupils engage with the week, with maturity and fun. Their commitment to ensuring that Wycombe Abbey is a community based on equality and kindness is inspiring to see.

Miss Sophie Blunt
Housemistress of Wendover and Head of Wellbeing

Miss Georgie Taylor
Housemistress of Shelburne and Head of Geography