A Spotlight on how studying Classics can help your Career

Our series of Career Spotlight events invite inspiring speakers to share real-life accounts of their experiences: the highs, the lows, and some tips for success. The talks give the girls the opportunity to ask questions in an informal environment which they may use to cement the choices they have made or perhaps steer them towards a profession or degree subject they had not considered. On Wednesday 18 January, we were incredibly fortunate to welcome two engaging speakers to the Classics Career Spotlight.

Ms Kathryn Westmore spoke informatively about her experience working as a financial crime consultant, particularly emphasising how her degree honed essential skills needed in her line of work; analysing data and language in close detail, formulating coherent written arguments, and synthesising a wide range of material quickly and deftly. She felt her Classical background had definitely given her an edge throughout her varied career. We were really impressed by the range of challenging questions posed by the pupils about her experience and the nature of working in the financial crime sector.

We also had great pleasure in welcoming former Wycombe Abbey teacher, Mr Simon Johns, back to School, who spoke about his years working in television production at the BBC and his authorship of two books, as well as his subsequent switch to teaching. He engaged the audience with his enthusiastic manner, passion for Classics, and exciting details about his research work for historical documentaries, including his six-week stint living on a ship to replicate Captain Cook’s experience!

Throughout the seminar, there were more general discussions about how to continue maintaining linguistic skills for those not continuing with Classics at university, and the atmosphere was one of curiosity, warmth, and humour. There was also an opportunity to converse with the speakers after their main event which many took part in, speaking more personally about their experiences with Classics and seeking advice, as well as probing further on the content of the talks. The food was excellent, and the company even better. Overall, a very successful event, which we all thoroughly enjoyed!


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