Wycombe Abbey’s Christmas Puzzle Hunt

Wycombe Abbey is proud to launch its annual Advent Puzzle Hunt which will be hosted on the School’s Conundrum platform. There will be pre-hunt puzzles starting on 1 December with the main hunt on 16 December.

As is typical of puzzle hunts, the questions will be themed and this will be revealed when the competition opens. The individual puzzles will yield words, phrases or numbers which will unlock further puzzles and then meta-puzzles. The first team to solve the final puzzle will be the winner!

Some participants will notice the similarity with famous puzzle hunts like the legendary MIT Mystery Hunt. This is not a coincidence, as this competition will be led by Wycombe Abbey Seniors Eva Goldie (C337, Wendover, 2020), Kelly Li (C334, Pitt, 2020) and Wing Lam Wong (C343, Pitt, 2021). When at Wycombe Abbey, they formed part of the famous WASLaplace team that placed highly in a range of national and international competitions, including Integirls, Mathsbombe, and STMC. They have kept their love of puzzling alive at both the University of Cambridge and MIT.

It is a particular pleasure to see these Seniors contributing to Wycombe Abbey’s intellectual life, and we can guarantee that the competition will be challenging and fun. The competition will be open to teams from around the world, so if you want to participate, then sign up for an account.

Sign up to Conundrum

If you are super-keen on puzzling and cannot wait until 1 December, you can take part in puzzles on Conundrum daily.

Mr David Vaccaro
Director of Learning and Innovation

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