The Wycombe Abbey Virtual Art Exhibition 2022

Wycombe Abbey Virtual Art Exhibition

We are excited to share the 2021-2022 Wycombe Abbey Virtual Art Exhibition. This exhibition spans four schools: our school here in the UK, two schools across Mainland China and one school in Hong Kong. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in Mainland China and Hong Kong, these amazing pupils have been able to come together to show their incredible artwork through these virtual exhibitions.

Wycombe Abbey in the UK shared almost 200 pieces from pupils of all ages. From UIII – UV they have explored, developed, and created their work with a variety of media and skills including printmaking, creative textiles, ceramics, photography and acrylic painting. Encouraged to develop their own styles, pupils embraced the artistic process and journey to discover their talent and push their own thinking, creativity and innovation. A level pupils explored and developed their own ideas by refining and sustaining their individual creative journeys in sketchbooks and in large scale final pieces. Our resident glass artist encouraged the examination pupils to explore the properties of glass fusion to extend their ideas.

Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong’s exhibition showcases almost 100 pieces from younger pupils aged 5 to 14. The pupils experimented with different ideas, materials and tools through team and individual projects. They were inspired by different artists from different eras around the world such as Alberto Giacometti, Julian Opie and Romero Britto. They also celebrated Women’s History month by researching Mary Blaire, Louise Bourgeois, Yayoi Kusama and other famous female artists who made huge impacts in the art world. The theme was ‘Together, We Are Better.’

Wycombe Abbey School Hangzhou, which is in its inaugural year, invites visitors to explore their virtual art exhibit, with over 80 pieces of art from the School’s first pupils in Years 7 to 11.  

At Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou, young artists have created almost 200 pieces of artwork in various formats.

This collaboration across the schools is an example of the Wycombe Abbey spirit of creativity and imagination. Click below to visit the exhibitions.

Yael Marwah
International Executive Coordinator

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