Wycombe Abbey Girls Awarded Most Innovative Project in the Industrial Cadets Gold Award

At the end of June, six of us participating in the Industrial Cadets Gold Award attended the celebration event held at the University of Bath. The Industrial Cadets Gold Award is a nationwide STEM competition that offers students insight into future career paths by giving them a chance to work on a project in industry. We had been working on this project since the start of the academic year and had designed a heat exchanger that could be installed under showers which recycles heat energy from wastewater to heat up cold water.

The day started off early with us leaving the school at 6:15am. After arriving, we were given a display board to put up details about our project alongside other schools. The various companies that mentored the schools were also present at the event and we were encouraged to have conversations with them. We used this opportunity to explore different career paths in engineering, ranging from aerospace to civil engineering.

After eye-opening conversations with the companies, we attended a talk on engineering by a professor at the university, where we were given insight into the different branches in engineering. We then spent the next hour visiting other schools’ display boards and learning about their projects. It was interesting to see what others came up with, especially when the group next to us also designed a heat transfer system. After lunch, we cast our votes for the People’s Choice award. The prizes were announced at the end of the day and we were awarded ‘Most Innovative’ for our project.

All in all, the Industrial Cadets Gold Award was a programme that we benefited hugely from. At the end of the project, we have learnt so much about working as a team as well as gaining hands-on experience in industry. Finally, we would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Buxton who gave us so much support throughout the project.


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