WWI History Lecture by Professor Margaret MacMillan

On Tuesday 2 October, a group of UV and UVI historians travelled to Eton to attend a lecture given by historian Margaret MacMillan. As the 2018 Reith Lecturer, it was an honour to hear Professor MacMillan give a stimulating talk on the devastating repercussions of the First World War. All the girls were captivated by her unique interpretation of the momentous social and political changes that engulfed Europe in the aftermath of the conflict. What was particularly fascinating was the way in which Professor MacMillan spoke about the introduction of new ideas in the years following the Great War, including the triumph of nationalism and the rise of Bolshevism.

Throughout the talk, thought-provoking questions were raised, such as why this war did not produce a lasting peace in Europe, and why Britain got involved in the first place. It was extremely rewarding to hear from such an esteemed speaker on a pivotal historical event that, to this day, has a lasting effect on our society.

Carlotta, UVI