The Power of Lacrosse

Lacrosse is one of Wycombe Abbey’s major sports; it has been played for centuries and has a rich history which has developed over the years to make it more of a ‘spectator sport’. The photos below from the archives show what Lacrosse used to look like at Wycombe Abbey, compared to now.

Lacrosse originated in North America and was played by the indigenous people; however, most importantly, Dame Frances Dove, our founder, introduced Lacrosse to Wycombe Abbey after being inspired when watching a men’s game during a visit to Canada in 1884. Since then, it has become a popular sport, not just at Wycombe Abbey, but in other secondary schools, especially across the independent sector. The game has continued to evolve over the years, starting as a 12-a-side game with a wooden stick and specific positions to now, a 10-a-side game with various rules and developments of the stick itself to make the game even more exciting to watch. The most recent and exciting news is that World Lacrosse has introduced a 6-a-side game, which is played by both men and women and will be part of the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles.

Here at Wycombe Abbey, the U12 to Senior age groups train twice a week and take part in competitive matches against other schools on Saturday afternoons. When we asked a handful of our pupils about what Lacrosse means to them, it was evident that the sport brings so much more than just playing the game.

‘Playing Lacrosse is a great way of making friends and maintaining these friendships throughout your time at school. As I have grown older and played for the Senior team, I have been able to interact with girls in year groups above and below me and build relationships that last beyond Wycombe Abbey.’ – Sibby

‘Girls’ lacrosse is my favourite part of School and a perfect counterpart to my academic life. It is a way to blow off steam in a healthy, productive way, but most importantly, it gives me the chance to connect and bond with my teammates.’ – Mia

‘Whilst Lacrosse certainly has been the highlight of my week from U12, being part of the Senior Lacrosse team has enabled me to create friendships on and off the pitch and has taught me lessons about teamwork and resilience.’ – Pip

‘Lacrosse has been such a key part in developing my character over the years and helps me to become more resilient.’ – Pia

It is evident that Lacrosse is an integral part of the lives of many pupils at Wycombe Abbey. Alongside competitive matches and training, the girls look forward to our House Lacrosse competition, where they are either competing for their House or cheering from the sidelines, bringing the School community together.

Finally, Lacrosse Captains Amelia and Megan said, ‘Lacrosse is an escape from school and a chance for competition on the field but what we love most is the team and sense of community that comes with it. It provides the strongest sense of pride and belonging. Being part of the team for seven years has been the biggest privilege.’

Miss Ruby Smith
Assistant Director of Sport

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