Talking Sport: The Impact of Coronavirus and How Do We Return to Play?

Girls Playing Sport | Wycombe Abbey

Coronavirus has had an unquestionable impact on our lifestyle including our access to many of our normal exercise and sports facilities, leading us all to find new ways to stay active and healthy. Our Director of Sport writes:

“Here at Wycombe Abbey, our normal term of Athletics, Tennis and Cricket disappeared with the announcement of school closures and as we near the end of the Summer Term I still find it strange walking across the pitches to see no markings and more importantly, no pupils.

However, this term has provided a period of planning and reflection on aspects of Physical Education that have possibly been lacking in an ever increasingly competitive world. The term has provided us with a remote platform to discuss issues such as sporting values and their importance in our engagement with sport; to focus on the development of our physical literacy with core movement skills, as well as establish better fundamental techniques in many exercises; aspects which I envisage remaining an important part of our programme moving forward.”

A Return to Sport

“We look forward to a return to sport, and as we start to see an increasing number of activities return to our screens and indeed our own lives, we can begin to look ahead to the future. I believe that this Autumn Term will look very different from any that we have seen before and flexibility is going to be key. Plans are in place to maintain a sense of normality and I am excited about the opportunities that this may, in fact, present us with, allowing us to focus on how we can emerge through a phased return to sport; stronger, fitter and reinvigorated.”


Mrs Sophie Bryett-Windle
Director of Sport