Staff Appreciation Day: A Head Girl Team Initiative

Staff Appreciation Day at Wycombe Abbey fosters a positive school environment, allowing pupils to give thanks to all those who help make our school such a wonderful place to live and work. In the past, we have had display boards in the Courtyard Café dedicated to different departments on which girls can write messages of thanks, and this was something we wanted to ensure made a return this year. These boards stay up throughout the day so that all staff and pupils can read them, and we aim to deliver the notes to the relevant departments after the event. It was amazing to read these messages of appreciation and see the number of staff that have impacted our lives here at Wycombe Abbey.

When planning the UVI Chapel Service on the theme of Staff Appreciation, we knew we wanted to highlight a selection of departments across the School, ranging from our Matrons to the Catering Department, instead of just focusing on the academic staff. Despite wishing we could, there was simply not enough time to mention everyone. As a result, we sent a whole school email shortly after the service, reminding pupils of the other activities they could get involved in on that day. We believe that a Service like this at the start of the school year encourages community spirit and a sense of togetherness, but also introduces pupils, who have joined us this year, to two of our core School Values, Mutual Respect and Trust.

Laila, Liza and Anoushka
Head Girl Team

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