Sixth Form Academic Spotlight

The Sixth Form Academic Spotlight is held on occasional Thursday evenings in Clarence Common Room and we were delighted to host our first ones this term.

The Spotlights are 30-minute lectures with plenty of time afterwards for pupils to ask questions and further engage in discussion with the staff member leading the discussion. They are designed to promote academic enrichment and stimulate discussion about topics outside of the syllabus. It is an opportunity for pupils to explore a range of ideas across different subjects and provides a space for pupils to get involved in thought-provoking discussions and debates.

For our recent Spotlights, we have heard from several teachers on topics ranging from the postcolonial world to vampire movies. Mr Bannister’s talk was a highlight as his use of resources guaranteed participation from the whole audience and it is fair to say that everyone was left with a different perspective on colonialism to the traditional one which is taught within the syllabus.

We are very much looking forward to the next set of Spotlights and are excited to announce that we have opened the event up to any Sixth Form pupil who would like to deliver their very own passion project – we are sure girls will enjoy the discussions among their peers very much.

Laila, Liza and Anoushka
Head Girl Team