Reading Week 2023

In the week of 13 November, we held our annual Reading Week. Throughout this time, teachers avoided setting prep, unless it was reading, and dedicated time in lessons to reading and related activities. These ranged from creative responses to reading, writing poetry, making bookmarks, providing reading recommendations and engaging in discussions about books. It was wonderful to see all of the departments embrace and promote the joy of reading!

The week began with the ever-popular Classics book club, focusing on Robert Harris’ Pompeii, followed by a wonderful literary quiz for UIV, hosted by Miss Pritsou and Mrs Morrisby. The quiz was very well-attended and UIV Cloister proved themselves to be literary champions. On Tuesday evening, the English Department welcomed Dr Mariah Whelan. She delivered a fascinating lecture on Christina Rossetti to the LVI English pupils and followed this with a creative workshop.

It wouldn’t be Reading Week without an evening event for everyone and so, on Wednesday night, Christian Foley, spoken word artist, took to the stage in the Lancaster Arts Centre. He performed poems and rhymes, engaging the entire audience in his performance. His performance was so impressive that a number of pupils even asked for selfies! Prior to his performance, Christian delivered poetry workshops to all of LIV, where they were encouraged to write and perform their own poetry. He also ran a workshop with some older pupils where they tried their hand at writing sonnets.

The author Joseph Elliott returned to speak to the UIIIs and they greatly enjoyed learning about his books and the publishing industry; they were even given the chance to attend our very own pop-up bookshop where they could buy copies of Joseph’s novels. While the UIIIs were having their talk, Mr Lenton delivered a wonderful lecture on Virginia Woolf to remind older pupils of all of the wonderful authors that are out there for them to enjoy.

In Big School that Friday, our Poet Laureate, Lara (UVI), performed her poem written expressly for Reading Week and this was so well received that she was asked to read it again that evening at the Literary Society’s poetry and pizza evening. Pupils gathered to share their poetry and, of course, to eat some delicious pizza. It was a wonderful event to end a wonderful week. We can’t wait to do it all again next year but are pleased to say that both loans from the library and book requests have increased since Reading Week and we hope that the week will encourage everyone to enjoy a good book whenever they can.

Read Lara’s Reading Week Poem

Mrs Hannah Rogers
Head of Libraries and Teacher of English

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